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My 1970's Antenna System

My start as a Ham

Some of my QSL Cards

{ More to come as I dig up the pictures! }

Around The Shack

At the new QTH in Natchitoches, Louisiana

My Chevy van Installation of a GS3 " Screwdriver" Antenna (05/22/13)

The Emergency power System at W5JGV-KB5YSE (11/09/07)

The new Hamshack / Art Studio at W5JGV-KB5YSE - The Slab and First Construction (11/09/07)

A Wide-Band RF Preamplifier with power-over-the-coax (09/17/07)

An Oak Tree Antenna for 600 Meters (09/08/2007)

A 160 Meter Dipole Antenna with Open Wire Feedline (04/19/2007)

At the old QTH in Jefferson, Louisiana

The Antennas at W5JGV / WC2XSR/13 (Before Katrina) ( 09/03/04)

HF Antenna Damage from Katrina (04/18/2006)

LF Loop Antenna Damage from Katrina (04/18/2006)

My New HF antenna (After Katrina) (04/19/2006)

My favorite Glowbug Receiver - the BC-348-Q


A Phase Detector Automatic Antenna Tuner Controller for 600 Meters (02/12/11)

Interfacing the FlexRadio-5000A to the Ameritron ALS-1300 Amplifier using the ARI-500 (02/11/11)

Using the Motorola StarPlex Channel Modem on 600 Meters

A 700 Watt Ferrite Core 500 KHz 600 Meter RF Matching Transformer

An E-Probe Antenna for 20 KHz - 25 MHz (02/19/10

A Homebrew 11.7 uHy Variometer for 600 Meters (01/22/10)

A 500 Watt Single Tube 4-400A Linear Amplifier for 600 Meters (12/14/08)

It's not my project, but it's interesting! A 375 Meter Spark Transmitter On The Air (10/01/06)

Build your Own RF Ammeter the Easy Way (06/07/06)

A High Efficiency HF Mobile Antenna (02/12/06) (Loading Coil data updated 23 July 2010)

A 400 Watt 12 VDC to 120 VAC 60 Hz Power Inverter ( 08/15/05 ) ( updated August 18, 2005 )

Do you need a high voltage power supply for your new amplifier but can't seem to find a big plate transformer?

Build a 1 KW Switching High Voltage Power Supply ( 07/22/04 ) ( updated June 8, 2005 )

See how the Switching Power Supply evolved - the history is in the next two articles:

Experimental 1300 Volt - 1 KW HV Switch Mode Power Supply ( 12/28/03 )

Experimental 1300 Volt - 1 KW HV Switch Mode Power Supply ( 03/20/04 - Update to previous article )

In Memory of the Parts that Died during the Power Supply Project ( 09/13/04 )

Here's a good use for those old computer power supplies - build a low voltage, high current power supply for the shack!

The Tower of Power - (30 Volts @ 40 Amps) ( 09/14/04 )

Easy Wire Tie-Down's for Shingle Roofs ( 09/03/04 )


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Alliance Antenna Rotors

U-100 Manual


Drake R4B Receiver

Operators Manual

Spare Parts list and prices (1986)

Modification Kits

General Coverage Converter


Drake T4XB Transmitter

Operators Manual

Spare Parts list and prices (1986)

TVI Fix Modification

6JB6A PA Tube Data Sheet



Eico 710 Grid Dip Meter Manual


Empire NF-105 Noise Measurement Test Set

BA-105 Main Frame Schematic (color scan)

NF-105 Tuning Unit 0.15 - 30 MHz (color scan)

Circuit Description of NF-105 Tuning Unit

> More to come when I get the time to scan the manual <



Hallicrafters S-40B S-40BU Operators Manual with schematic


HP-3586 Selective Level Meter Manuals

Manuals from the Agilent web site:

Operating Manual

Service Manual - Volume 1

Service Manual - Volume 2

Service Manual - Volume 2b

Manuals from WE0H and others:

Info files from WE0H about the manuals and the HP-3586

Operating Manual

Service Manual - Volume 1

Service Manual - Volume 2



TH-78A/AE Factory Service Manual - (162 MB)

This is a 113 page, 300 dpi high resolution PDF file. Schematics are scanned in color.

TH-78A/AE Operators Manual

TH-78A/AE Schematics only (Zip file)


Motorola StarPlex SSB Channel Modem

Setup and Adjustment Procedures (PDF)

Schematic Diagrams (PDF)


Simpson 260-P Multimeter

Repair Instructions

Theory of Operation



Maintenance and operating manual for the SP600-JX


Yaesu FT-747-GX HF Transceiver

Instruction Manual

Technical Service Manual

Some enlarged diagrams from the manuals

Various modifications and enhancements



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AN/TRR5 - R-366 Radio Receiver - (Thanks to Stan, KD4BTH)

High Resolution 200 dpi gray scale (72 MB)

150 dpi black and white (4 MB)


BC-348 Receiver

Maintenance and operating manual for the BC-348-BC-224 Part 1 and Part 2

Maintenance and operating manual for the BC-348E-M-P

Maintenance and operating manual for the BC-348-N-Q

Maintenance and operating manual for the BC-375-E



Maintenance and operating manual for the BC-610-E-I



Maintenance and operating manual for the ARC-5



Maintenance and Operating Manual for the ART-13


BC-211 / SCR-211

Maintenance and Operating Manual for the BC-221 / SCR-211



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Antennas and Skywires

The fascinating story of Chrysler Corporation and the development of the SCR-584 Radar system antenna in 1946. This is a large file, 242 MB in size, but it is a high resolution color scan and well worth the download. To download the book in PDF format, click HERE

For a Zipped copy of the Henf Crossed Field Antenna Patent in TIF format, click HERE

For a Zipped copy of the Hately-Kabbary Crossed Field Antenna Patent in TIF format, click HERE

USMC Field Antenna Manual

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Vacuum Tubes

Eimac Tubes

Eimac Tube Catalog 1948

Eimac Tube Catalog 1955

Eimac Tube Catalog 1975

Application Notes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Application Note 8

Application Note 9

The Care and Feeding of Power Grid Tetrodes


GE Tubes

GE Ham News Sideband Handbook, 1st Edition - (Thanks to Ron, K0IDT)

GE Ham News - Nov - Dec 1962 - (Thanks to Ian, K3IMW)

GE Ham News - Spring 1963 - (Thanks to Ian, K3IMW)

RCA Tubes

RCA Guide for Transmitting Tubes 1942 (141 MB) - (Thanks to John, KD7KFT)

RC-14 - RCA Receiving tube manual 1940

RC-22 - RCA Receiving Tube Manual 195?

RCA-TT3 - Transmitting Tube Manual 1940

RCA-TT5 - Transmitting Tube Manual 1962

RCA 807 Tube Data Sheets

RCA 813 Tube Data Sheets

RCA 833A Data Sheets

RCA 7C24 5762 Data Sheets


Taylor Tubes

194x Taylor Tubes catalog

1939 Taylor Tubes Manual

Mil Handbook 213-A (Tube Cross Reference)


United Tubes

1959 United Tubes catalog (zipped JPG files) TNX to KK4OY


Videos and Films

A Classic film from Hallicrafters, "Voices of Victory." The story of how the HT-4 Amateur transmitter became a military transmitter, the famous BC-610. Download PART 1 (42.8 MB) and PART 2 (40 MB) in AVI format.


Movie of the Rotary Spark Gap Transmitter in Operation at the AWA Museum - Taken in 2004 by Jim, N2EY


Assorted Electronic Files

How to Divide-by-N with the SN7490 - 135 Kb PDF

Meissner Radio Coils And Circuit Applications - 12.3 Mb PDF

PSK software - winpskse210.exe earlier version for some older computers.

PSK software - winpskse223.exe - later version runs on most computers.

Click HERE to download a partial scan of the 1937 National Bureau of Standards Circular C74. This PDF file contains information for calculation and design of capacitors and conductors, RF resistance of wires and coils, and miscellaneous formulas and data. File size = 48.2 MB

A 1963 report by the US Navy on various types of ground rods, their resistance to earth, and corrosion resistance in the presence of various other metals. (Hint: Use stainless steel ground rods and avoid galvanized pipe.)

Battery Discharge Controller prevents damaging your 12 volt storage batteries by excessive discharge. It also can function as a Battery Charge Controller, and may be modified for other voltages. The circuit board is available from the author at a nominal cost. The ZIP file (141 KB) contains a schematic diagram in PDF format with parts list. The ZIP file also has plain text, Word and PDF documentation files with complete assembly and operating instructions. Thanks for this gadget goes to Jim Wiley, KL7CC.

Parallel 813 Kilowatt Single Band Linear Amplifier article - 4.6 MB - (Thanks to John, KD7KFT)

5-Meter Radiotelephony by Frank Jones - 24 MB ( Scan courtesy of Jason, KF6PQT )

Gates AM Broadcast Transmitter BC-250-GY Installation and Operations Manual - 18.2 MB

BC-250-GY AM Broadcast Transmitter Schematic in GREY SCALE or BLACK & WHITE

General Electric Glow Lamp Manual, 2nd Edition - 40.2 MB

Quartz Crystals, Theory, Fabrication and Performance - 304 MB

Shure Reactance Calculator Slide Rule (1957) [body front] [body back] [slide front] [slide back]

Hallicrafters International Short-Wave Station List as of 3-21-1950

SN-7490 Divide by N article in GIF format, click HERE for Page 1, and click HERE for Page 2

Big Coil size calculator chart provided by W5TVW in GIF format

Big Coil L/C/F calculator chart provided by W5TVW in GIF format

Hurricane, Weather and Earth Science Files

Does the Sun induce earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on our planet? What about those strange radio frequency signals which have been detected emanating from below the surface of the earth? Read this scientific paper which attempts to tie these phenomenon together.

The history of the New Orleans Drainage System, including information on the famous Wood Screw Pumps - 15.2 MB

New Orleans Hurricane Evacuation Routes and Information (Zipped) - 3 MB

You can download the complete storm report about hurricane Katrina from the US Weather Service by clicking HERE.

You can download an animated GIF of Katrina moving across the New Orleans area. For an image with a black background, click HERE. For a topographic background, click HERE. Both Files are courtesy of the US Weather Service.

Fun Stuff - Ham Radio Crossword Puzzles


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