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Wednesday, 22 June 2005 - Washington, D.C. - The Federal Communications Commission has issued the call letters WD2XSH for the 600 Meter Part 5 Experimental operations to be conducted by the ARRL 600 Meter Experimental Group. The actual grant of license will be done in the normal course of operations by the FCC. (more at 500kc.com)

The status of this special project may be followed on my other web site at: http://500kc.com.

23 US Amateur operators selected for experimental project.

>> The following is from the ARRL web site <<

"NEWINGTON, CT, Apr 22, 2005--The ARRL has applied to the FCC for a Part 5 Experimental license on behalf of a group of radio amateurs interested in operating in the vicinity of 500 kHz. ARRL General Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, announced the filing during a meeting of the ARRL Executive Committee April 9 in Denver. The experimental application was among several items the EC dealt with in addition to the previously reported recommendations to the ARRL Board of Directors regarding a planned regulation-by-bandwidth petition.

If granted, the two-year Part 5 license would permit experimentation and research between 495 and 510 kHz--just below the Standard AM Broadcast Band--at power levels of up to 20 W effective radiated power. Modes would be CW and PSK31. ARRL Member Fred Raab, W1FR, of Burlington, Vermont, would manage the project, which calls for 23 discrete fixed sites across the US. The license application requests authorization for experimental stations at Raab's QTH in Vermont as well as at sites in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia".

The following files relating to this project are available for downloading by clicking the following links:

The ARRL 600 Meter License Application as filed with the FCC

A Proposed Typical Vertical Antenna System

Exhibit 2 - Experimentation and Research

Technical and Location Data for Station Locations

A 600-METER AMATEUR BAND - a proposal by W1FR, Frederick H Raab, Ph.D. (This version is an earlier version of the file with the same name slightly further down this page.)

(More projects and downloadable files are at 500kc.com)

600 MRG Projects by W5JGV / WC2XSR/13

A Shielded Receiving Loop Antenna - 10/12/03

A Precision Reference Oscillator for the HP3586 Selective Level Meter - 10/11/03 (Revised 09/06/04)

Using the HP3586 Selective Level Meter With ARGO - 12/07/02

600 MRG File Archive

Please see the other related files available for download at my other web site at: http://500kc.com.

A 600-METER AMATEUR BAND - a proposal by W1FR, Frederick H Raab, Ph.D.

> > Revision C: September 16, 2004 < <

First FCC License Grant for the 600 Meter Research Group (Old grant With 600 M freqs) (VOIDED)

Second FCC License Grant for the 600 Meter Research Group (Without 600 M freqs) -This is the license we must use.

FCC Rules for Special Radio Services Part 5

Aubry Scoon's MOSFET LF-MF RF Generator

Big Coil size calculator chart - thanks to W5TVW

Big Coil L/C/F calculator chart - thanks to W5TVW

ELF and VLF Station Guide (DC to 30 KHz) from Worldwide Utility News

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