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spectrotek.com - It has some 2003 Florida Teslathon pictures and videos

500kc.com - Website of the ARRL 600 Meter Experimental Research Group

rife-beam-ray.com - Sales web site for th SSQ-2F 3.1 MHz Rife Plasma Tube Controller system


kc5cah.com - See what my daughter and her gang are up to lately.

kb5yse.com - The XYL's web site - there's nothing there right now... just holding the space!

AROUND MY TOWN - New Orleans, Louisiana!

New Orleans Happenings! - This is our local newspapers web site with lots of New Orleans stuff


I've found a NEAT weather web site for Kids and Adults!

The lovely and talented Crystal Wicker, who personally authored WeatherWizKids.com

Take a look at Crystal Wicker's WEATHERWIZKIDS.COM

Be sure to bookmark it in your Favorites, and tell your school's Science teacher about it.


Mike Hammer's Tesla Experiments - bbzzzZZZZT!

The TESLA-2 Tesla Coil Builders Mailing List Homepage - great Tesla coil beginners list - join up!

AMATEUR RADIO LINKS ( in no particular order )

www.n3fjp.com - Scott, N3FJP, publishes what I think is the best Amateur Radio logging software available. Registration is very reasonable. Be sure to check out his program, Amateur Contact Log 5.2 It does just about everything you want in a logging program. It's really easy to use, even if you don't read the manual!

ACLog 5.2 actual screen shot @ W5JGV

http://www.synthetictextilesinc.com/ - They manufacture that great Dacron line you should use to hold your antennas up in the air

http://thewireman.com/ - All manner of ham radio related components, including that great Dacron line for your antennas

http://www.sarrio.com/sarrio/rsfinal1.html - A great source for equipment manuals

http://www.w7fg.com/ - Another great source for equipment manuals

http://hereford.ampr.org/cgi-bin/tube - A very good vacuum tube lookup database page

http://www.qsl.net/ - QSL.net for Amateur Radio information and news

http://www.qrz.com/index.html - QRZ.com for Amateur Radio information and news

http://www.twiar.org/ - This Week in Amateur Radio - help support these folks!

http://www.ldgelectronics.com/ - LDG Electronics - neat automatic antenna tuners and more goodies for your shack

http://www.af4k.com/ - Lots of interesting stuff, including Crystals and Boat Anchor Radio.

http://fermi.la.asu.edu/w9cf/index.html - W9CF has lots of interesting software.

http://www.w1tag.com/ - Low Frequency Experimental Radio and more.

http://www.w5gad.org/ - Jefferson (La) Amateur Radio Club home page

http://www.selarc.org/ - Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club home page

http://www.btinternet.com/~g4fgq.regp/ - G4FGQ's excellent Amateur Radio Software - and it's all FREE!!

http://eh-antenna.com Home web site for the EH antenna. (NOTE: This web site has been off line for some time.)

http://www.eheuroantenna.com/ - Construction info on the EH antenna system

http://www.qsl.net/sm5dco/ - Construction info on the EH antenna system

http://www.af4k.com - Lots of Boatanchor stuff and good links here!


http://www.partsgeek.com/mmparts/electric_cars_the_invention_of_nikola_teslas_ac_induction_motor.html - Nicola Tesla and automobiles - who knew? (Thanks Emily!)

http://watleyreview.com/ - Definitely tongue-in-cheek humor here!

http://www.glossynews.com/isna/ - A collection of Internet Satire Newspapers. Not for the faint of heart or the thin-skinned. <G>

More links to come as I get the time to add them.

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