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Are you interested in Rife systems?

Spectrotek Services announces the SSQ-2F

A Rife Plasma Tube system Controller for Rife-Beam-Ray systems operating at 3.1 MHz.

- Single power supply - Sine wave audio input - Works from a computer, CD player, MP3 player or Audio Generator - No soldering! - Available assembled or in kit form -

For complete Technical details and Pricing, please visit us at http://rife-beam-ray.com

02-05-2012 - A New Matching System for Plasma Tube Systems, which eliminates the Antenna Tuner and improves performance.

12-07-2011 - A Rife Beam-Ray System using a 3.1 MHz Carrier With an Audio Frequency Sweep, with technical explanation and construction details

04-25-2007 - The updated Rife Bare System in use at W5JGV, with Notes and Comments on Building your Rife/Bare system

10-10-2001 - "SSQ-2P" -Sine to Square Wave Converter with Phase Comparision and Variable Pulse Width Control Updated 08-25-04

08-10-2001 - "FREQGEN, A High Performance PC Frequency Control Program for Rife Systems and FREQGENGUI, a Front End Controller, and FREX, Database & Frequency Management Software Updated 11-22-04

05-24-2001 - "WaveShaper 2" - Change Sine waves to Square waves; use with CD/MP3 players or computer sound cards Updated 08-25-04

11-15-2000 - Bill Cheb's Super-Sized 'TEXAS TUBE' - the World's Largest Rife/Bare Tube!

07-10-2000 - Using MP3 Audio Files to Control Rife/Bare Systems Updated 05-24-01

07-08-2000 - "Signal Slicer" Audio Processor - Makes Square Waves from most any Audio Signal (see also WaveShaper 2)

04-23-2000 - Uniden PRO 510-XL CB Information and Schematic Diagram Updated 11-22-04

04-23-2000 - Palomar PE-600PL RF Power Amplifier Test Results

02-15-1999 - Experimental Pulse Tests on a Rife/Bare Tube

01-25-1999 - Tests Run on Several Rife/Bare Tubes 

01-11-1999 - A Dual Coax RF Feed System for High Power Rife/Bare Systems

08-30-1998 - Understanding the Rife/Bare RF System 

07-02-1998 - John McLean's MFJ-969 Coil Modification

11-30-1997 - Rife Unit Update #1 Updated 11-10-00

08-05-1997 - My First Experimental Rife Wave Generator

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