FREQGEN, A High Performance PC Frequency Control Program for Rife Systems and FREQGENGUI, a Front End Controller, and FREX, Database & Frequency Management Software

August 10, 2001

Updated November 22, 2004

Accurate control of the audio modulating frequency sent to the transmitter modulator is essential when working with Rife systems. While it is possible to use a hardware frequency generator, their cost and occasional difficulty of use tends to make some researchers a bit uncomfortable - and broke!. A much easier (and happily, much cheaper) means of generating the required audio frequencies is to use a computer and a suitable frequency generation program.

Until recently, many of the available freeware frequency generation programs were written to drive the speaker line in the computer. With a simple modification, the audio signal from the speaker was sent to the transmitter audio input and used to modulate the Rife system. Unfortunately, all such programs suffer from the same hardware-based problem which renders them incapable of generating many specific frequencies. There is NO cure for this problem!! It is inherent to the way the computer's HARDWARE is built, and software simply cannot correct it.

Recently, Fred Walter wrote his program, FREQGEN (V1.13), (© 2002 by Fred Walter,) which solves this problem. Fred's tightly written program does the trick by simply eliminating the computer speaker as the output device. Instead, FREQGEN drives the sound card in the computer, causing it to generate a very clean sine wave at the desired Rife frequency. This sine wave may be then converted to a square wave by using a circuit such as my Sine to Square Wave Converter (V2.0), or any other desired method. The resulting square wave is then used to drive the Rife system.

Not only does FREQGEN generate sine waves, but it also can do frequency sets, frequency sweeps, log frequency sessions, and even control external hardware to generate frequencies above and below the standard output range of the computer sound card, if needed. The frequency accuracy is extremely good. frequencies may be set to a tenth of a Hertz if desired, for instance, 2182.4 Hz.

It is a small program, and is written to run in a DOS box under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP. It is a command line program, but is easy to learn to operate. It comes with sample frequency files, and an extensive README file which explains the basic operation of the program. FREQGEN may also be controlled from a batch file quite easily.

Please click on the links in the above text to download FREQGEN or to send email to Fred.


Was written by Micheal Smith and is a free, open source front end controller for FREQGEN. This program allows you to run FREQGEN without the need to use the command line interface. Please visit Michael's web site at to download FREQGENGUI and all related documentation.


Was written by Ken Uzzell and is a comprehensive database and frequency management package. The following description is taken from the "About" section on Ken's web site.

"Frex is being created with the novel concept of scanning the body for biofeedback, running tests using Remote Resonance Detection (RRD) technology. When biofeedback levels are triggered, hits or hot spots are found. These hot spots are compared to a database of known microbe signatures. A report is created detailing a person's potential risk to disease. Rife and frequency devices available allow for the reduction and possible elimination of these risks."

Visit Ken's web site at fot the latest version of FREX and all related documentation.

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