Uniden PRO 510-XL Information

April 22, 2000

Updated November 21, 2004

The Uniden PRO 510-XL is a very popular CB transmitter which is used by many Rife researchers when building a Rife/bare system. The schematic diagram is useful if you are planning to make any electrical modifications to the unit, but the diagram is very hard to locate. I have scanned a copy of the diagram in Adobe PDF format, in four parts. Print out the file on legal size paper, and then do a cut & tape job to assemble it to make the complete diagram.

Click HERE to download the diagram in PDF format. (473 kb)

In 2000, Tom Young devised an excellent direct modulation modification for the PRO-510-XL. This modification was posted on his web site, which has since vanished into Internet history. I was able to obtain the text file relating to the modification, and most of the pictures, and have posted them on this web site.

To view the Tom Young modification file, please click HERE.

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