More Pictures from the Transmitter Site of WVUE-TV

October 24, 2005

All photographs were taken by Ralph Hartwell.

This muck looks as though it has dried out enough to be solid, but...

This is what happens when you try to drive across it! A 4-wheel drive vehicle did not make it through here without having to be pulled out.

Thousands of dollars worth of copper transmission line lay bent and sprawled across the mud deposited by the storm surge of hurricane Katrina.

Compressed gas cylinders still lay where the flood waters left them.

Part of the copper roofing of the old transmitter building.

I wonder if the owner of this book was able to finish reading it before Katrina washed it away?

Someone's trailer sitting upside down against what remains of the transmitter site fence.

Illustrating the large amount of shrinkage that occurs during the drying of organic marsh soil deposits, these fissures in the newly deposited sediment dwarf the quarter visible in this picture.

This light fixture located on the ceiling of the first floor of the new transmitter building, is still filled with flood waters from the storm surge of Katrina.

The water rose all the way to the ceiling as you can see from the grass deposited in the nooks and crannies.

These heavy air conditioning condenser units were pushed off their mounting bases by the storm surge.

But the tower stands straight and true! The microwave dishes on the side of the tower point back to the studio.

The antennas of WVUE-TV FOX8 and WYES-TV.

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