Recovery Progress at the Studios of WVUE-TV

October 24, 2005

All photographs were taken by Ralph Hartwell.

In the generator room, both of the emergency generators have been removed. The room will be cleaned and decontaminated before reuse. All the electrical hardware will be removed and relocated to higher ground.

The storm waters were so corrosive that the heavy wires connected to the batteries simply dissolved!

Ready to be hauled off, the Technical Area emergency generator is about to be strapped down.

Everyone has problems! Here are some Cingular technicians working on their antennas on the WVUE-TV studio tower. Can you find them?

Having the right tools sure makes it easy! Lifting the Building Power emergency generator prior to placing it on the truck for disposal.

Ready to head for the scrapyard.

These wires fed electrical power to the entire building. Now, they are just so much expensive scrap.

The main switchgear for controlling the power from ENTERGY. All this will have to be replaced.

The automatic transfer switches for the emergency generators were located on this wall. They will be relocated, and this wall demolished.

Some of the crew cleaning the interior of the garage. These guys wipe down - by hand - each and every section of pipe, wire, bracing, beam and girder with disinfectant.

Preparing to tear out the wall between the electrical switch room and the telephone room.

The water level is plainly evident on this wall. You can see how far the moisture wicked up the wall by the mold growth.

Then little sump pump that tried real hard! Katrina was simply more than it could handle.

Lots of room here to store studio props now that the mezzanine is cleared off.

The mezzanine, looking in the other direction.

Yep; it's really empty!

Ooh look, Richard! No more cardboard boxes!

The storm trashed the bushes and grass in front of the studio, but at least everyone can see our flag - as soon as we get a new one up on the pole.

The rear of the main power switchboard. The red power busses carry the main power feed from ENTERGY.

This is what the ends of the copper wires and the terminal connectors should look like. These did not get hit by the flood water.

But after the water hit them, they look like this. Ugh!!

Each of these main power busses can carry enough power to run about 20 homes! (And you thought your power bill was high.)

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