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Station WD2XSH-1
Operational Status

Station WD2XSH-2
Operational Status

Station WD2XSH-3
Operational Status

Station WD2XSH-4
Operational Status

Station WD2XSH-5
Operational Status Original Station: September, October 2006
TX - Mackay Type 2017A solid state 40 w.
RX - Debeg 2800
ANT - 65 ft. vertical, 120 ft. horizontal
20 120 ft. radials in SW quadrant

Additions and Improvements to Station: November 2006
TX - ART-13 with LF Adapter and external Pi-net 150 w.
ANT - 75 ft. vertical, 75 uH center loading coil, 120 ft and
210 ft top loading wires.
20 120 ft. radials in SW quadrant

Test transmissions and general calls (CQ) made nightly by handkey at various times, usually on or about 507.5 kcs.

Please log reception reports on this website, and if possible send mail to

Station WD2XSH-6
Operational Status TECHNICAL:
I am using a top loaded Inverted-L antenna on a city lot. The loading coil is just below an 11-wire fan flattop. The coil was number 10 wire wound on a 12 inch plastic flowerpot, it has been replaced with a copper-tape wound coil on fiberglass hopefully with less loss.
The 50 foot tall radiator consists of 18 #18 insulated wires twisted to simulate Litz wire.
The fan is five feet wide at the feedpoint and 120 feet long with wires spliced in a fan shape out to 10 feet wide. It is supported by trees which survived Katrina.
The ground system is chain-link fences with buried chicken wire and flashing aluminium. There is a strand of electric-fence wire running the circumference of the lot in the top of the fence to eliminate bad joints. Over half a mile of fence wire has been pinned down to the ground as radials.
The feedline is transformer-coupled into the radiator.
Experimentats with different tuning methods continue.
Receiver = ICOM R-75 with stable crystal and 250hz filter.
Borrowed HP instrument for VFO is working as is 50 watt class converted Heathkit driver and push-pull quad 811-A Final amp.
Calculated ERP is 16 watts with 3.5 amps antenna current. The class B linear final amp has 750 watts dc input at that point.
I will normally beacon from dark to local Midnight (0500Z) QRSS3 mode on my assigned frequency of 505.266KC.
CW identification happens every 15 minutes. My assigned CW beacon frequency is 506.35KC.
AS I see other signals between my code elements I will attempt contacts. The gulf storms and Katrina-related patched power system means I am still mostly an alligator (no ears).
Please log all reception reports to the web site, we need to show interest to get a new ham band or discover propagation anomalies which may prove valuable.

I will QSL all reception reports I receive.
QSL via

Station WD2XSH-7
Operational Status November 2, 2010

I am using a 72 foot vertical antenna on 600 Meters.

The transmitter is either a solid state 200 watt amplifier or a 400 watt 4-400A amplifier. The transmitter is driven by either a Motorola Channel Modem which takes audio tones and outputs a USB signal, or by a Yaesu FT-747-GX.

Operating modes are PSK-31, CW, CMSK and QRSS-3 through QRSS-120.

Reception reports invited.

Ralph, W5JGV WD2XSH/7

Station WD2XSH-8
Operational Status

Station WD2XSH-9
Operational Status

Station WD2XSH-10
Operational Status Current Status: Start 0000 hrs 20mar08 on 505.267 khz 10 wpm cw and qrss3.......OFF at 0300 hrs due to thunder storm.

Station WD2XSH-11
Operational Status Transmitting every 5 minutes on 506.000 kHz. CW ID followed by AA in QRSS3 and then another CW ID.

Station WD2XSH-12
Operational Status Transmitter: Elecraft K2 Exciter, homebrew transmit converter, homebrew amplifier using 6AU6 > 5763 > pair 6146B
Power: 75 watts input, ~ 1 watt ERP
Modulation Modes: CW, QRSS, BPSK-31, QPSK-31
Receiver: Elecraft K2, homebrew receive converter
Antenna: Inverted L, 55 ft vertical and 285 ft horizontal over a 18 random wire counterpoise at tower base, matched with L-network
Beacon Frequency: 505.40 kHz
Beacon Software: MultiPSK
Interface: Homebrew
Computer: HP Pavilion 800 MHz

Station is in beacon mode four to 24 hours per day.

Station WD2XSH-13
Operational Status -SK-

Station WD2XSH-14
Operational Status Fritz Raab W1FR
Colchester, Vermont
OPERATION: Back in operation after antenna repair.
Transmitter is at my office. During the winter, I plan
to operate in beacon mode (CW or QRSS) at least two nights
per week from 2200 to 2315 Z when I leave the office. I hope
to stay late once per week for QSOs and listening.
XMTR: 100-W solid-state class-D amplifier per "QEX" March/April 2006.
RCVR: Ten-Tec Paragon with LF Engineering active antenna.
ANT: 45-ft vertical in the woods.

Station WD2XSH-15
Operational Status WD2XSH/15 Don Reaves W5OR Arkansas
Date: 20061009/Revised 20061218
Mackay 2010 being rebuilt
RX: R-389, WJ-8716, HP-3586B
ANT: 32FT vertical, RX 400ft ground level snake, 160M Loop


Station WD2XSH-16
Operational Status On the air most days & nights. Usually on 506.25kc in regular CW. I announce on the SHMRG reflector when I turn the beacon on & off. Soon to be 2 way capable. Antenna is a 70' L vertical with 40' vertical & 30' horizontal. Base loaded with a coil/variometer. All silver plated Teflon insulated wire used. 3000' plus of in the ground radials with many copper pipe's soldered to ends of radials and in the center. Homebrew everything except for a TS-930 as the exciter. I can go wherever in the band as needed. VFO controlled. 73's, Mike

Station WD2XSH-17
Operational Status May 2007 report from WD2XSH/17

Heard the following stations:

/1 /5 /6 /9 /10 /11 /14 /19 /23


/1 /5 /9 /10 /14 /23

Made improvements to antenna and PA

Installed 430' vertical loop which shows better ERP
and it helps the 10' rotatable RX loop which is in it's field

Converted SB200 to 600M for 10 DB improvement 'SB600M'

Sent beacons and QRSS which were copied by many
Best QRSS DX was to Germany

Observe beacons which indicate band condx.
ZLS YWA F9 JJH and various NavTex transmitters


Dave Riley /17

Station WD2XSH-18
Operational Status

Station WD2XSH-19
Operational Status WD2XSH/19 operates occasionally (weather permitting) between 0200 and 0500Z. Frequency is 505.50 kHz. Power out of at least 30 watts to a top loaded 30 foot vertical. Location is Batavia, IL (40 miles West of Chicago) Grid EN51UU. Beacon transmissions occur every 5 minutes starting exactly on the hour: /19 repeated several times followed by the full call twice (speed = 10 WPM.)

When possible, I will also operate during the afternoon on Saturday (time will be announced on the 500KC reflector) for ground wave tests.

Station WD2XSH-20
Operational Status 15 November 2009. I'm back on the air having rebuilt my antenna and the station. Details and photos can be found at

I'm running 18 W ERP and usually on a frequency of 508.6kHz sending VVV VVV VVV VVV VVV DE WD2XSH/20 WD2XSH/20 etc K.

QTH = CN83, 43 deg 42.274' N, 123 deg 2.412' W, 30 miles S of Eugene, OR.

Station WD2XSH-21
Operational Status The RW Beacon in Colorado is on the air at 480 kHz
sending CW at 00:00 and 00:30 past the hour.

The WD2XSH/21 Beacon is off the air at 12/2/06.

The power output is 100W to a 30 foot vertical.

Send reception reports to:
BOX 6069
Colorado Springs, CO 80934

Station WD2XSH-22
Operational Status

Station WD2XSH-23
Operational Status

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