System Status of Part 5 Experimental Radio Station

WC2XSR / 13

Frequency 167.0 KHz, 400 Watts LSB, PSK31 Loop

WC2XSR/13  Webcam WC2XSR/13 Transmitter Log Screen

LEFT (or top) PICTURE: Top - Antenna Current, read meter on the 30 Ampere Scale; divide reading by 10. (Meter reading will vary with modulation.)

LEFT (or top) PICTURE: Bottom - Master Oscillator Frequency reads in MHz; divide by 16 for Carrier Frequency. (Not used in SSB mode.)

RIGHT (or bottom) PICTURE: Top - Transmitter Final PA Stage Amperes. Multiply by 2 for correct reading.(Watch it change when it rains at the transmitter site.)

RIGHT (or bottom) PICTURE: Bottom - Transmitter Final PA Stage Volts.

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